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The United Way of Campbell County will move to an all-volunteer led structure as of July 1, 2018. The Board of Directors for the United Way of Campbell County takes the responsibility of our stewardship of donor gifts very seriously and wants to maintain our ability to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible. In light of the downturn in the economy over the last few years, United Way staff and Board members agreed that it was time to adjust how the organization operates to match the current philanthropic environment. 

The United Way of Campbell County has been in operation for over 40 years, and the Board of Directors believes in the value it provides to the community. “This decision was not made in crisis, it was made in recognition of the need to adapt to a changing economy. It is up to those of us that want to see Campbell County succeed, even if that success looks different than it has in the past, to increase our support in any way we can. It is my hope that this move demonstrates the leadership of our Board of Directors in doing what is right for our community and our people. We do want to point out that the United Way is unique in how it operates and that it would be virtually impossible for any other nonprofit to function without staff. This is certainly a unique solution for a unique situation,” said Board Chair Chet Parker. 

Our current Executive Director, Spring Wilkins, will join the Board of Directors as a volunteer on July 1stand there will no longer be any paid staff for the organization. This change reduces our operating expenses by 50% and will directly benefit the local social service agencies we support by increasing the amount of funds we can provide to them. The United Way conducts a fundraising campaign every fall to benefit those agencies, and that will continue under the new volunteer structure. The most visible change to the community will simply be that Board members will coordinate the fundraising campaign versus the United Way staff that have done it in years past. This move returns the United Way of Campbell County to a similar structure under which it operated when it first opened in 1977. 

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